Recommendation Submission Forms

Instructions for Teachers, Schools & Other Recommenders

In advance, thank you so much for providing a confidential recommendation to help complete a candidate’s Brunswick application. Submissions are due by January 15, and parents have waived all rights to see what you provide.

To complete your confidential submission, please click on the appropriate link below. When you have finished, press “Submit.”  (Note: Your submission must be complete before you close the window.) You’ll then receive an e-confirmation directly from Brunswick.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the appropriate divisional Admission Office. And, once again, thank you so much! Our staff is very grateful for your help and informed perspective!

Pre School (Pre-K & K)

Lower School (Grades 1–4)

Middle School (Grades 5–8)

Upper School (Grades 9–12)