Campus Map

Pre and Lower School Campus
The Edwards Campus is located at 1252 King Street (view in Google Maps)and is home to all Pre and Lower School classrooms, as well as the School’s main athletic facilities, which include Burke Field House, Sampson Athletic Center, and Robert L. Cosby Field. The campus is named in honor of Duncan Edwards, Brunswick’s sixth headmaster.

Middle School Campus
The Middle School is located at 1275 King Street (view in Google Maps) and is home to all Middle School classrooms and advisories, as well as the School’s alumni, development, and business offices.

Upper School Campus
The Upper School is located at 100 Maher Avenue (view in Google Maps), with an additional building housing Upper School admission and English and history classes at 116 Maple Avenue. The campus is home to all Upper School classrooms and advisories, Baker Theater, Conrades Student Lounge, and Berkley Library, as well as the headmaster’s office and the School’s administrative offices.