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Assistant Teacher Program

Brunswick School is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in any phase of employment. We consider applicants without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, or any other legally protected status.

Assistant Teacher Program

*Positions for the 2016-2017 Assistant Teacher program are now filled.

The Assistant Teacher Program at Brunswick hires approximately eight new intern teachers each year. It is an integral part of Brunswick’s Pre and Lower Schools. Generally a two-year program, it is designed for college graduates interested in becoming teachers in an elementary school setting. Participants gain significant classroom experience in two different grade levels while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education at a local university of their choice. Coupled with head teachers in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 4th, assistant teachers learn all aspects of the teaching profession. With their mentor’s guidance, assistant teachers share in lesson planning, teaching students and record keeping in all areas of the curriculum. They gain experience communicating with parents and play an important part in student evaluations and parent conferences. In addition to the mentoring they receive from their head teacher, assistant teachers attend faculty meetings and scheduled teaching seminars to further their professional development. Regular supervision meetings with the head teacher and advisor provide guidance for assistant teachers with their work in the classroom. Assistant teachers are also responsible for coordinating Brunswick’s after-school program, Encore. This allows them an additional opportunity to work with children of varying ages and to explore interests outside the classroom. Upon completion of two years, having earned a master’s degree and gained diverse experience, participants are ably prepared for a classroom of their own. Assistant teachers go on to teach in both independent and public school settings in different grade levels across the nation.

Assistant teachers are offered a salary, partial reimbursement for graduate coursework, and a health benefits package.

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