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General Facts & Figures

School Facts

Campuses: 4

Upper School
100 Maher Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830
116 Maple Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830

The Upper School Campus is home to all Upper School classrooms and advisories, Baker Theater, Conrades Student Lounge, and Berkley Library, as well as the Pettengill Campus, which houses the English and history departments.

Middle School
1275 King Street, Greenwich, CT 06831

The Middle School is home to all Middle School classrooms and advisories, as well as the School’s alumni, development, and business offices.

Pre & Lower School
1252 King Street, Greenwich, CT 06831

The Edwards Campus is home to all Pre and Lower School classrooms, as well as the School’s main athletic facilities, which include Burke Field House, Sampson Athletic Center, Mehra Natatorium, and Robert L. Cosby Field. The campus is named in honor of Duncan Edwards, Brunswick’s sixth Head of School.

Vermont Campus
665 Stock Farm Road, Randolph, VT 05060

The Vermont Campus is home to the School’s permanent off-campus wilderness-education and applied-classroom-learning program.

Grades: Pre K-12
Tuition: $40,000-$46,200
Endowment: $130 million as of June 30, 2020
Total Acreage: 782 Acres

Upper School Campus: 14 Acres

Middle School Campus: 44 Acres

Edwards Campus: 104 Acres

Vermont Campus: 620 Acres

Students and Families

Total Number of Students: 1045 boys

Upper School430 boys/105 seniors

Middle School306 boys

Lower School219 boys

Pre/K: 90 boys

McKinnon Family Foreign Language Immersion Program/Student Exchange: 1 boy (COVID-19)

Total Number of New Students: 142

Current New Students by Division

Families: 795

New Families: 99

Geographic Distribution:

Greenwich: 67%

Other Connecticut Communities: 16%

Westchester County, New York: 16%

Other: 1%

Students of Color: 20%
Students Receiving Financial Aid: 19%
Total Students on Financial Aid: 194

Non-Faculty: 112

Non-Faculty/Full Aid:  77

Non-Faculty/Partial Aid: 35

Faculty: 82 (50 ‘Wick & 32 GA)

Faculty and Staff

Total Employees: 245

Total Faculty: 180

Total Staff: 48

Total Maintenance: 17

Faculty with Advanced Degree: 67% (121/180)

Faculty Housing

Total Number of Housing Units: 84
Total Number of Employees Housed: 91
Percent of Faculty Housed: 49% (85/175)
Percent of Employees Housed: 39% (91/236)


Average Class Size: 11
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:7
AP Courses Offered to Upper School Students: 29
Varsity Sports: 16

All Upper School students, as well as seventh and eighth graders, participate in interscholastic sports. Seasonal requirements vary by grade level. Younger boys participate in a physical education program.

Co-Curricular Clubs & Organizations: 45
Community Service Program:

Organized projects and community-service efforts are required of all Upper School students, as well as eighth graders. Each school division also participates in other grade-wide projects throughout the year. All students are encouraged to pursue voluntary efforts.

Language Program:

The Foreign Language and Classics programs offer study in Arabic, Mandarin, French, Greek, Italian, Latin, and Spanish.