Horizons at Brunswick School

Horizons at Brunswick School — a nine-year, year-round academic and enrichment program serving under-resourced K-8 Greenwich public school boys performing at or below grade level upon entry — is dedicated to reducing our community’s opportunity gap and advancing educational equity in Greenwich.

Three differentiating factors distinguish Horizons at Brunswick School from other local area programs:

  • An early start in kindergarten
  • Academic continuity throughout the summer months
  • Our nine-year commitment to every student with continued support in their high school years at Greenwich High School

Simply put by Head of School Tom Philip, “Good for the sake of good” is why Brunswick has embarked on providing summer enrichment opportunities for low-income students to increase their chances for success.

Goals of the Program

  • Prevent or reduce summer learning loss
  • Serve students from Greenwich Public Schools
  • Foster a lifelong desire for learning
  • Provide cultural experiences and social growth
  • Ensure that children learn to swim, a life skill that saves lives and builds confidence

To learn more about the Horizons at Brunswick School program, visit horizonsatwick.org.