Mission & History

Fostering Development of Strong Character

In the words of our founder, George Carmichael, “Brunswick School has been ably and generously preparing boys for life since 1902.”

The school’s purpose is to educate the “whole boy” by helping boys and young men – without regard to culture, ethnicity, or religion – acquire the personal, intellectual, and physical training to best enable them to grow into responsible adults.

Brunswick’s academic programs seek to challenge each boy to fulfill his unique potential and to develop the creative and independent qualities of mind necessary for intellectual maturity and self-confidence.

We also believe a complete education must include lessons that take place outside the classroom. Through athletics, arts, and service to the community, every student is encouraged to develop his talents to the fullest and to understand his obligation to share them generously.

As its young men grow in an atmosphere of trust, care, and mutual respect, Brunswick accepts that its overriding objective is to foster development of strong character. Honesty, integrity, compassion, and tolerance are promoted, and each student is expected to develop a sense of responsibility to himself, to those around him, and to the school community as a whole.

Above all else, Brunswick believes that the strength of a young man’s character and the depth of his spirit define all genuine and lasting success.

Read more about Brunswick in “A Brief History of Brunswick” (pdf) by Dr. John Van Atta.