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Student Health & Wellness

We can have no greater wish for Brunswick boys — that they will be healthy and well throughout their time at our school and into the future.

Brunswick has, historically, spent abundant time, energy, and resources on maintaining the health and wellness of all members of our community.

Our full-time medical staff includes five highly trained medical professionals; our counseling staff now includes two full-time social workers; we have two full-time diversity and inclusion leaders; our security force encompasses seven full-time and experienced law-enforcement officers; and the nutritional needs and expectations of our community are managed by the nationally recognized food-service firm FLIK and overseen on a regular basis by internal management.

Looked at comprehensively (as it must be), “health and wellness” involves a wide spectrum of programs and services and is, at its core, a fundamental obligation and responsibility of each and every faculty member at the school.

From homeroom teachers and advisory activities, to coaching, training, and evaluation, all of our faculty are regularly reminded of their essential role in monitoring and supporting the boys in our care.

Being a boy is not entirely easy these days, and as an essential element of our stated mission of “preparing young men for life,” we strive to develop boys and young men of strong character who are sensitive to and empathetic toward their surroundings — including, of course, other people, but also encompassing their natural habitat and environment.

One of the hallmarks of the Brunswick experience is the degree to which our faculty and staff care for our boys. Brunswick boys are known and loved, encouraged and strengthened for the journey ahead, and empowered with a deep and abiding moral foundation that will, we hope, mark them always as men of strong character and achievement.

Again, we strive for great things for the boys in our care (and beyond), and we also know that nothing can be achieved to its fullness without the bedrock of good health.