Health Office

There are four Health Offices — one located at each campus site.

The goal of the Health Offices is for students to maintain optimal health in order to achieve their full potential in all areas of academics, sports, and the arts.

The role of the nurses is to serve as a student resource for health concerns while providing support and comfort to students as needed.

The nurses respond to medical emergencies, administer first aid for injuries that occur at school, and provide treatment for acute illnesses.

The Health Offices do not serve as a clinic where students can receive diagnoses of illnesses or injuries. In those instances, your child should see a physician.

If your child has any health problems that might affect his participation in school activities, please notify your campus nurse.

The two Training Facilities and three Trainers are housed on the King Street Campus.

The trainer’s goal is for students to maintain optimal athletic health while participating in practice and sport activities.

The role of the trainers is to prevent, examine, and treat athletes’ injuries. They also show athletes how to build strength and avoid injury. They work with injured players and their doctors to maximize rehabilitation efforts.

The trainers work in conjunction with the Nursing Staff in response to medical emergencies and administration of first aid for student injuries that occur at school and also after school athletic practices and activities.