Environmental health goes hand-in-hand with well-being, and the school is launching new initiatives in sustainability that build on the its existing efforts and, significantly, open up learning far beyond the classroom.

In 2019-20, Brunswick introduced a school-wide composting effort in each of the four dining halls.

To wit, boys have been composting food scraps since school started in September; by the end of every lunch shift, bins are chock full of scraps ready to be born again as nutrient-rich composted soil and mulch.

The magic happens offsite; a curbside composting company picks up the scraps weekly and delivers them to composting facilities.

The effort has led to some impressive learning beyond the classroom, as a Brunswick contingent visited the Litchfield County facility that composts the scraps, and learned in more detail about biological decomposition of waste.

The effort also dovetails with sustainability initiatives in every division, including a popular recycling contest between the Upper School and Greenwich Academy that resulted in a huge haul of recyclable cardboard.