Student Safety & Well-Being

Brunswick is strongly committed to the safety and well-being of all its students

Brunswick Security Team

Safety at School

Brunswick has long had a full-time Director of Safety & Security, overseeing the security of facilities on all campuses.

In 2012, pursuant to the school-shooting tragedy in Newtown, Conn., Brunswick undertook a comprehensive review of the security of all of its facilities and hired two, new uniformed full-time security officers.

To enhance security further in the wake of increased terrorist activity worldwide, Brunswick engaged an additional two full-time, uniformed security officers in 2016 — ensuring that uniformed security personnel would be present on every campus at times when school is in session.

Mandated Reporting

Brunswick continues to abide strictly by the State of Connecticut’s mandated-reporting laws with respect to all forms of abuse.

Protection from Sexual Abuse

In 2012, after an alumnus reported that he had been sexually abused by a faculty member in the early 1980s, Brunswick undertook a comprehensive investigation — contacting current families, alumni, past parents, and as many others in its extended community as possible — to solicit information on allegations of sexual abuse that might have occurred at any time in the school’s history.

Brunswick undertook this investigation after reporting the alumnus’ allegations to all appropriate local and state law-enforcement and social-service authorities, which determined that the alleged events fell beyond statutes of limitations for investigation and prosecution.

To ensure the investigation was independent and thorough, Brunswick engaged Kroll, Inc., one of the world’s largest and most respected corporate and institutional investigative firms.

During the course of the investigation, Kroll interviewed 66 people, including former students, current and former faculty members (including the alleged perpetrator), current and former administrators, and current and former trustees.

Kroll verified three allegations of sexual abuse — all focused on one faculty member who worked at the School in the 1980s — and deemed the alumnus’ accusations to be credible.

The investigators did not uncover any other incidents of sexual abuse, nor have any been since reported.

Acting in the best interests of the safety of all children, Brunswick’s Board and Headmaster took the unusual step of identifying the alleged perpetrator as Timothy E. Tefft, of Greenwich, N.Y. Tefft was subsequently convicted on unrelated charges of possession of child pornography and sentenced to prison in New York State.

Looking ahead, to ensure any possible incidents of abuse could be reported promptly and confidentially 24/7, Brunswick implemented the “Safe ’Wick” online reporting system, displayed in a permanent and prominent position on this website’s homepage.