Service & Sustainability

Community Service

We believe all Brunswick students should endeavor to serve communities and causes beyond their own. Every student, every faculty member, and the school itself must accept the responsibilities and obligations that accompany our many blessings.

A young man’s character develops as he learns to look beyond himself, to consider the situations of those around him, and to share his talents, leadership, and time for the sake of others in his community.

Through The Brunswick Trust’s Community Service initiatives, even our youngest students participate in volunteer opportunities, which evolve over the years to full-fledged service projects in the Upper School.

For older boys, volunteer spirit carries Brunswick boys into the community of Greenwich and around the globe. Community Service Day, an annual rite of spring, sees Upper Schoolers fan out to locations around the region to lend some muscle to spring clean-up, food pantry projects, and more.


Environmental health goes hand-in-hand with well-being, and Brunswick has an energetic Sustainability community of students and faculty who work together to inspire more conversation and action on campus — and around the world — to protect the Earth and the environment. 

In 2019–20, Brunswick introduced a schoolwide composting effort in each of its four dining halls.

At the Upper School, the popular, student-led Sustainability Council works to spread awareness for greener living, including reducing carbon footprints. Students organize activities for Earth Week. 

The Council also engages visiting experts to speak to students, including a recent visit from the Sustainability Officer of a leading worldwide candy manufacturer, who detailed the company’s commitment to shift to 100 percent sustainable sourcing and packaging for all its candies by 2030.