Financial Aid FAQs

Do I qualify?

Please refer to the pie graph, below, to help estimate if your family might qualify for a full or partial tuition grant. Because each family’s situation is different, we encourage all parents who might need aid to apply.

In addition to tuition assistance, some families are also eligible for aid that supports expenses not covered by tuition, but are considered to be an important part of the Brunswick School experience.

If our tax forms are not complete, may we still apply for financial aid?

Yes. Please email David Bruce, director of financial aid, at to request an extension.

Is the application for financial aid different for parents who are separated or divorced?

Yes. Parents who are divorced or separated must each complete a Parents’ Financial Statement and submit it to If either parent is remarried, the assets of the stepparent are also considered.

Do I have to pay back my financial aid award? Is my award a loan?

No. Financial aid packages from Brunswick are exclusively grants. The School does not expect families to pay back any portions of their financial aid grants.

Does Brunswick provide merit financial aid awards in addition to need-based awards?

No. Aid at Brunswick School is exclusively need-based. Brunswick does not provide athletic, academic, or any other merit-based scholarship.

Do returning students need to reapply each year?

Yes, since financial situations can change each year, we ask that you reapply each fall. The deadline is December 15 for returning Brunswick families.

How do I find help filling out my PFS?

Call the SSS helpline at 800-344-8328, or visit or