Admission Process

If you are a parent of a prospective student, please submit an Online Inquiry Form and someone from the appropriate Admission Office will contact you to set up an appointment to visit Brunswick.

During your campus visit, the admission staff will discuss the school’s curriculum and philosophy, provide a tour of the facilities, walk you through the application process, and answer any questions you may have.

Admission Reception

All prospective families are welcome to attend the annual Admission Reception.  Attending the reception is for informational purposes only and not a requirement for admission. We encourage all interested families to contact our Admission Office if you are interested in applying.

Brunswick School Admission Reception
Edwards Campus (1252 King Street)
Sunday, November 5, 2017
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Admission Application Information

The admission application and the application fee should be completed and returned to Brunswick by the December 15 deadline.  Any application received after this date will be processed based on availability.  All questions in the application should be answered as fully as possible.

Candidates for entry-level grades are required to visit Brunswick. This offers the applicant and the school a chance to get to know each other. Boys are made to feel welcome and comfortable during this visit, and it is a good time for the candidate to attain a true understanding of the life and spirit of the school. Visits generally occur between October and January. Please call the Admission Office to arrange a visit.

Forms for the release of transcripts and for teacher recommendations are enclosed within the Admission packet that will be mailed to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that these forms are completed by your son’s school office and his teacher. Return envelopes to Brunswick School are enclosed for the convenience of your son’s teacher and school.

All admission candidates for 3rd – 12th grades must take standardized tests. Applicants for 3rd and 4th grade take the ERB Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) IV tests. Students applying for 5th – 12th grades may take either the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) or the Secondary Schools Admission Test (SSAT). The ISEE and ERB exams are administered at Brunswick and a number of other area schools. If you would like an ISEE Student Guide, please contact the Admission Office or the ISEE Operations Office at (800)446-0320. Visit the SSAT or ISEE sites to download booklets and registration forms for either test.

The Admission Committee meets in February, and the letters of notification are mailed on the last Friday in February. For a candidate to be considered for admission decisions, all completed materials must be returned to Brunswick by January 15th. Families are encouraged to contact the Admission Office if questions should arise at any time during the process.

Admission Application Information

Any applications received after December 15th will be processed based on availability. For further information, please call the appropriate Admission Office.

Pre and Lower School Admission Office
PreK, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-4

Middle School Admission Office
Grades 5-8

Upper School Admission Office
Grades 9-12