Brunswick School Admissions

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Upper School Admission Office

Grades 9 through 12
Maher Avenue Campus | 100 Maher Avenue, Greenwich, CT | Directions/Map
Rob Follansbee, Director of Upper School Admission
Rachel Ocken, Upper School Admission Assistant
203.625.5842 (phone)
203.625.5851 (fax)

Middle School Admissions Office

Grades 5 through 8
Edwards Campus | 1252 King Street | Greenwich, CT | Directions/Map
David Bruce, Director of Middle Admission and Financial Aid
Margee Melton, Middle School Admission Assistant
203.485.3660 (phone)
203.485.3669 (fax)

Pre/Lower School Admissions Office

Grades Pre Kindergarten through 4
Pettengill Campus | 116 Maple Avenue | Greenwich, CT | Directions/Map
Gina Hurd, Director of Admission and Head of Pre School
Jessica Love, Pre and Lower Admission Assistant
203.625.5843 (phone)
203.625.5851 (fax)