Sacks Isaac

Isaac Sacks

A Surprise Opportunity

Isaac Sacks wasn’t looking to make a change.

Already committed to play lacrosse at Brown, Sacks was pretty settled at his previous school, his future secure.

Plus, living in New York City, Brunswick would be more work. The morning drive from his home in Manhattan would be 45 minutes, growing to an hour or more in the evening. But his dad pushed for the change, arguing that a Brunswick experience for the two most impactful years of high school would be worth the hassle.
Sacks made the leap.

“Pretty honestly — I was nervous,” he said. “These are kids who have spent their whole lives together.

“But a handful of seniors reached out to me on the first day,” he said. “Since then, it’s been 100 percent worth it.”

Brunswick brought new experiences to Sacks; his first year he was selected to be a Vermont Leader. Having grown up in the city, the weeklong wilderness education experience pushed him beyond his comfort zone and brought him into a community.

“The whole Vermont experience taught me so much,” he says.

Sacks fully admits that the pandemic threw a monkey wrench into his senior spring, including lacrosse, but he moved ahead with a fresh start at Brown University.
“(The pandemic) really hit everybody hard,” he said. “I have no complaints. It happened to everyone. It was difficult accepting that our senior spring was gone. Basically, I spent my whole life looking forward to it!”