Darrin Logan

Logan Darrin

Not Just Luck

Logan Darrin used his Senior Voice to speak to his classmates about luck.

“I’ve always been fascinated by luck,” he said as he reflected back on the speech a few months after school ended. “Luck is the ultimate X factor.

“What are the odds you end up at an awesome place like Brunswick?” he posited. “That’s why I wrote that speech.

“To what extent do we have control?” he continued. “What are the chances I graduate with a great class? What are the chances I’m on varsity lacrosse — and never played a season?

“It’s all rolling the dice.”

Well, maybe.

Luck certainly had some part of what Darrin accomplished in high school, but there are some other words that also come to mind: Hard work. Focus. Tenacity.

A ’Wick lifer, Darrin made his way to Harvard after graduation, hoping for a spring season of lacrosse as the world continued to come to terms with the pandemic.

For Darrin, the journey to Harvard was bumpy. He committed to play Crimson lacrosse in the spring of junior year, just two short years after the young Bruin hopeful tried out for the varsity team and didn’t make the cut.

Since then, he did nothing but improve.

He caught up to his peers and surpassed them despite having to learn a new position. He shifted from offense to defense, at the request of coaches.

Darrin credits Brunswick lacrosse coach David Bruce for the opportunity.

“For him to see that in me was crucial to where I stand,” he said. “I would not be where I am without Coach Bruce.”

Lacrosse was not the only area in which Logan shined in high school.

He was vice president of the school’s student body, which kept him very busy around campus but not too busy to maintain an A+ overall average.

He is also very involved in the Fairfield County Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, in honor of his grandmother Peggy Darrin, who suffered from the disease.

As a sophomore, he was awarded the Brunswick Grade Ten Service Award and the Oaklawn Award.

He earned 2nd honors at the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair for his project, “A Comparative Analysis of the Aerobic Capacity and Antigen-Response of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces yeast in the presence of Dimethylglycine.”