Dow Nick

Nick Dow

A Reluctant Reader

Nick Dow came to Brunswick in Kindergarten, and refused to read.

In first grade, it was the same.

Reading just was not for him.

That all changed in second grade, when a tutor offered one-on-one instruction and ended up hooking him for life; years later, the 2020 Brunswick graduate made his way to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue a passion for biology and biotech, in particular its “potential to improve lives and increase life spans.”

It all started with that tutor.

“I have read as much as I can ever since,” Dow said in a telephone conversation from the Colorado Rocky Mountains just after he graduated. “The Magic Tree House, Rick Riordan, Sci-Fi. There’s no one book.”

Even so, Dow points to Sci-Fi as special inspiration for his life.

“It introduces new ideas. It ignites a desire to pursue science. You see a glimpse of potential. “I love reading,” he says. “Reading is an important part of who I find myself to be.”

At Brunswick, Dow’s interest in science led him to pursue an Independent Study Project examining the similarities of the teenage brain to the brains of recovering stroke patients.

His path through the Upper School provided opportunities beyond science.

Dow was also a rower, having fallen in love with the sport as a freshman, with an interest in journalism. That interest led him to write for both The Review, a school opinion magazine, and for The Oracle, the school’s literary magazine. He was also on the Brunswick Math Team, in Model UN, and in the American Computer Science League; he volunteered with Safe Rides.

He was one of four Brunswick semi-finalists in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program for his accomplishments on the PSAT.

He was honored with the Fairfield Biology Prize and the Columbia Book Award.