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Lower School

We believe that every boy in our charge must be known, cared for, loved, and provided with every opportunity to fulfill his potential. We encourage Lower School boys to develop positive attitudes about themselves and others.

Helping boys learn how to learn is the Lower School’s single most important objective. Lower School class sizes are small, and every classroom has two full-time teachers to provide exceptional attention and support. The teachers work with boys to foster habits and attitudes for a successful and rewarding experience as every boy progresses and matures.

In addition to learning respect, responsibility, and good manners, Lower School boys gain skills in critical thinking and problem solving. Encouraged to take risks, they develop intellectual curiosity and creativity.

These attributes of the successful student are emphasized in the Lower School’s core courses: Reading and language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. Vigorous physical education, art, music, Spanish, technology, and library research fortify the curriculum and further enhance the boys’ abilities as enthusiastic and well-rounded learners.

An interdisciplinary approach to presenting subject matter helps boys see connections across the curriculum.

A Single Day, Countless Special Moments


On Stage, History Comes to Life!

Every year, for as long as anyone can remember, fourth graders have been keeping time with history as they make their way through the dark and chilly days of New England winter.

On any given January day, boys nestled in the Lower School can be overheard getting into the groove of the American Revolution or learning to Boogie with the Bill of Rights as they rehearse for the annual rite-of-passage that is the fourth grade play.

In 2023, boys sang and danced and romped their way through 13 Colonies — a musical revue, narrated by George Washington himself, chronicling the “marvelous story” of how our country began.

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Community Service

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Big Brother Program

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