Curiosity, Creativity, Individuality

Our Lower School academic program teaches boys how to learn. In an setting that stimulates curiosity, encourages creativity, and recognizes individuality, teachers strive to help every boy realize his unique strengths. Children are encouraged to take risks and to become independent learners.

The Lower School curriculum emphasizes development of problem solving, critical thinking, and basic skills in the core subjects of reading and composition, mathematics, social studies, and science.

Physical education, art and music, computer and library science, and Spanish instruction enhance the basic academic program. The boys also participate in all-school assemblies, student council, and community service.

Through their own strengths and examples, teachers help each boy to understand that learning is a process and that active participation is the key to success.

The program inspires students to become lifelong learners, and arms them with the essential skills and habits of mind necessary to make education both meaningful and fun.