Students shaking hands

Big Brother Program

Brunswick’s Big Brother Program gives older students the opportunity to work hand in hand with younger members of our community.

The program brings a select group of older boys to our Lower School and Pre School campuses weekly, where they engage in a variety of activities with younger students. The older boys can often be found playing football, wall ball, and basketball on the playground alongside our Lower Schoolers. They also regularly visit classrooms to enhance the learning process.

In addition, each first grade boy is assigned a fourth grade Big Brother, who is responsible to look out for him during his first year in the Lower School. Along with specific activities planned to help bond the oldest and youngest members of the Lower School community, the boys enjoy weekly lunches and sit together at our assemblies.


Connections is a cross-divisional initiative that aims to connect and enhance our three divisions. The program builds a deeper sense of community and reinforces the concept that students are responsible for each other and should look out for one another.

Upper School boys are chosen to lead advisory activities and run Middle and Lower School assemblies throughout the year. These students are trained to teach younger boys important lessons of cooperation and teamwork.