lower school student council

Student Council

Lower School Student Life

In addition to a full and enriching academic day, the Lower School offers boys the opportunity to participate in several extracurricular activities before and after school. Our BASE (Brunswick After School Experience) Program is comprised of an array of choices, including lego robotics, chess, and outdoor games. The course selection varies each term and allows boys to pursue interests, learn new skills, and take advantage of our extensive facilities.

As students extend their learning beyond the confines of the classroom, they are encouraged to be mindful of others. The Lower School Student Council works to organize community service projects, which allow boys to develop their leadership skills. In addition, boys can share and enhance their musical talents through our choral singing group, the Singing Bruins. Older boys guide and mentor younger students through the time-honored tradition of our Big Brother Program, and boys and their parents are invited to join Culturally United Bruins (CUBS), a group focused on celebrating our differences while bringing us together. All opportunities encourage boys to reach beyond themselves and to further their character development as they look ahead to Middle School.

Student Council

Lower School Student Council promotes leadership qualities, organizational skills, and school spirit. Our oldest boys help organize schoolwide projects for students to give their “time, talent, or treasure” to a variety of charitable organizations. Third and fourth graders are elected as schoolwide officers. In addition, fourth grade council members take on an additional leadership position as a Lower School Ambassador. Through Lower School Student Council, students learn about the importance of leadership and service to their school and the community at large.