College Counseling

During the spring of junior year, each student is invited to meet with a member of the college counseling team to initiate the college planning process. After reviewing the student’s selection of senior courses, confirming his testing plans, and discussing his personal questionnaire, the counselor and student begin to generate a list of potential colleges to pursue.

This initial college list serves as a foundation for the college search, but it is updated, added to, and changed throughout the process. In many cases, this initial list is quite large and will require further clarification of preferences on the student’s part.

After careful research and more discussion, the student begins to plan campus visits. The optimum time for visiting and interviewing is in late August or early September. Once school has begun, seniors are granted college visiting days as needed.

The final list, indicating where each student will apply, will be generated following another meeting with each senior in the early fall.

Students then begin organizing application requirements for each school and writing applications and essays. Our philosophy is to let a student be in charge of his own process and to encourage him to use the advice of the guidance office as often as needed. It is crucial that parents guard against taking over the process.

Since much of the application process occurs at home, parents are encouraged to monitor their son’s progress and to alert us immediately if they see any significant signs of procrastination.

Involvement of the college counselors will continue until late spring, when every student has made a final decision. The College Guidance Office prides itself on being supportive of our students every step of the way.

Class of 2020 Matriculation

Yale University5Brigham Young University1
Georgetown University4Carnegie Mellon University1
Duke University4Colgate University1
University of Pennsylvania4Dickinson College 1
University of Wisconsin4Emory University1
Boston College3Howard University1
Cornell University3Imperial College, London1
Harvard University3New York University1
Middlebury College3Northwestern University1
Princeton University3University of Mississippi (Honors College)1
University of Miami3Rochester Institute of Technology1
University of Southern California3Santa Clara University1
University of Virginia3St. Lawrence University1
Brown University2Stony Brook University1
Bucknell University2Texas Christian University1
Dartmouth College2Trinity College1
George Washington University2University of California, Berkeley1
Hamilton College2University of Chicago1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology2University of Denver1
U.S. Naval Academy2University of Indiana1
Penn State University2University of Massachusetts Amherst1
Sacred Heart University2University of Michigan1
University of Connecticut2University of North Carolina1
Wake Forest University2University of Richmond1
Washington University2Union College1
Amherst College1Villanova University1
Bowdoin College1Williams College1

Composite Matriculation List of 2016-2020

University of Pennsylvania24University of Notre Dame9University of Vermont5
Georgetown University19University of Richmond9Columbia University4
Duke University17Stanford University8New York University4
Boston College15Trinity College8Northeastern University4
Dartmouth College15University of Miami8Northwestern University4
Middlebury College15Junior Hockey7Santa Clara University4
Yale University15Washington University7St. Lawrence University4
University of Virginia14Amherst College6Tulane University4
Princeton University13Bucknell University6Union College4
Southern Methodist University12Massachusetts Institute of Technology6University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill4
Harvard University11University of Michigan6Davidson College3
University of Chicago11University of Wisconsin6Elon University3
Wake Forest University11Villanova University6Hamilton College3
Brown University10Colgate University5Lehigh University3
University of Southern California10George Washington University5Tufts University3
Williams College10University of Connecticut5University of Colorado, Boulder3
Cornell University9University of Denver5

In addition, one or two Brunswick graduates from the classes of 2016-2020 matriculated at each of the following:

Babson CollegeHoward UniversityTexas Christian University
Bates CollegeIDC Herzliya CollegeTrinity College, Dublin
American UniversityImperial College, LondonU.S. Naval Academy
Berklee College of MusicJohns Hopkins UniversityUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Boston UniversityLong Island University, PostUniversity of British Columbia
Bowdoin CollegeManhattan CollegeUniversity of California, Berkeley
Brigham Young UniversityMerrimack CollegeUniversity of Indiana
Carleton CollegeMiami University, OhioUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
Carnegie Mellon UniversityPenn State UniversityUniversity of Mississippi (Honors College)
Case Western UniversityPurdue UniversityUniversity of North Dakota
Colby CollegeQuinnipiac UniversityUniversity of Oregon
College of the Holy CrossRennselaer Polytechnic InstituteUniversity of Oxford
College of William & MaryRhodes CollegeUniversity of Rochester
College of William & Mary/St. AndrewsRochester Institute of TechnologyUniversity of San Diego
Colorado CollegeSacred Heart UniversityUniversity of St. Andrews
Denison UniversitySchool of Visual ArtsValparaiso University
Dickinson CollegeSeton Hall UniversityVassar College
Emory UniversitySouthern Connecticut State UniversityVirginia Polytechnic Institute
Fordham UniversitySpringfield CollegeWagner College
Franklin & MarshallSt. John's UniversityWashington & Lee University
Haverford CollegeStonehill CollegeWashington College
Hendrix CollegeStony Brook UniversityWesleyan University
Hobart & William Smith CollegesSyracuse University