Student - Foreign Language Immersion Program

Foreign Language Immersion Program

The Foreign Language Immersion Program’s (FLIP) mission is to further language study at Brunswick by encouraging boys to take optional classes during the summer in an immersion experience abroad (or at recognized domestic immersion programs such as Middlebury-Monterey and Concordia). It is also to increase Brunswick students’ awareness of and appreciation for cultures, traditions and perspectives different from their own.

Brunswick’s desire is for our students to become global citizens and to develop an awareness of the economic, social, and environmental concerns of our time. Our children’s world demands that they understand not only their own country, but other nations, cultures, languages, and religions around the globe.

As a result of the successful completion of an accepted program, students will earn the right to petition to advance a year’s worth of language study and/or move to the Honors/AP-level. The program will be a part of the students’ official Brunswick transcripts where they will be listed as FLIP Scholars.

A true immersion program would include/prioritize:

  • A four-week stay, including time with a local host family
  • Focus on language acquisition and not primarily travel
  • A classroom or academic component whereby students participate in formal instruction several hours per day with a native teacher
  • Conversation and culture to be emphasized over grammar during the trip

Our goal is to encourage every Upper Schooler to participate in this program prior to graduation, and to be able to pay for the travel expenses of every student who requires financial assistance.

Read more about the program on Brunswick’s FLIP website.