Student in library


Brunswick has four libraries that serve grades Pre K through 12.

The Berkley Library in the Upper School serves as a central area for study, collaboration, and learning for grades nine through twelve. The collection includes more than 14,000 volumes and access to millions more through electronic and digital means. The library provides countless resources for students and is the cornerstone of the Brunswick educational experience.

The focus of the libraries is to support the curriculum, assist with research, and provide an extensive Fiction collection for reading enjoyment. Our intention is to graduate students as competent users of information and give young men the tools to become critical thinkers as well as instilling in them a voracious appetite for reading.

The libraries achieve these goals by subscribing to an academic periodical collection, providing audio and visual materials, and access to a wide array of specialized online databases for current and historical newspapers, magazines, reference books and multiple encyclopedia sources. Access to our collection is available to all members of the Brunswick community and our professional staff is proficient in all manner of information literacy and retrieval, and as a reader’s advisor.