Football players holding up award


Brunswick fields teams in 17 interscholastic sports.

The Bruins have enjoyed a longstanding tradition of athletic success and earned regional and national recognition in several sports.

The majority of ‘Wick’s coaches also teach on campus, offering students opportunities to connect with faculty members on multiple levels.

Athletic requirements vary depending, on grade level. All 9th-grade boys must play three seasons of interscholastic sports. In the 10th and 11th grades, students must play two interscholastic sports and may choose to play an intramural sport during the other season. As seniors, students must play one season of interscholastic sports and may play intramural sports during the other two seasons.

The Associate Director of Athletics for Interscholastic Competition, Ron VanBelle, must approve of all exceptions to these guidelines.

Visit the Brunswick Bruins Athletics Website for the latest news, scores, and schedules.