Coordinate Program with Greenwich Academy

A place for girls. A place for boys.
A place for everyone.

For nearly 50 years, the program known as Coordination has brought students at Brunswick and Greenwich Academy together for coed experiences in the classroom.

The two schools are distinct in philosophy and culture, one built specifically for boys and the other quite clearly for girls. Separately, they excel.

Together, thanks to Coordination and a busy footpath that links the campuses, the schools do much more.

Coordination taps the unique strength of each institution as it brings students together for scholarship and camaraderie.

For students and families, Coordination is a program that doubles the opportunities in the classroom. The program allows students to choose classes from either Brunswick or Greenwich Academy. Most classes, with the exception of mathematics and freshman English, are coed.

Beyond the classroom, Coordination also offers opportunities for students in such areas as theater, student government, peer leadership, and alumni networking.

Most important, everyone in the Upper School community at Brunswick and Greenwich Academy contributes, enhances, and gains individual strength and character from learning, working, and growing together.