The mission of Brunswick’s technology department is to provide “leading edge” technology products and related services that allow for improved teaching, learning, and administration. To this end, all Upper School students lease laptop computers to be used in the classroom on a regular basis.

During the Upper School years, the computer becomes an indispensable tool for communication and collaborative learning. Curriculum-specific software is used in a variety of academic disciplines, and Internet research becomes vital to a student’s academic life. As access to technology resources increases, students are expected — and taught — to assume greater responsibility and accountability for how these resources are employed.

The laptop program in the Upper School reinforces computing skills learned in Lower and Middle School, and focuses on developing reliance on instruction through application. The Upper School also allows students to explore their interest in computer science through courses in advanced programming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my son need a laptop for school?
Laptops are used throughout the school day, when appropriate, depending on curricular activities for each subject. Examples include: researching and writing reports; organizing and analyzing scientific data with graphs and charts; composing and revising essays; collaboratively working on multimedia presentations; and much more. All students in grades 9-12 are required to have a working, wireless-equipped laptop in school.

How often will my son use his laptop at school?
Laptop use is driven by the curriculum and the extent to which technology can enhance your son’s learning. Some days they may be used daily while at other times students may not use them at all. Appropriate use of technology is the key and it is the quality of laptop use that is important, not merely how often they are used.

How much does it cost to lease a laptop from Brunswick?
All laptops are leased for 2 years, beginning in the fall of Freshman and Junior year. Parents will be billed an annual laptop fee of $750 per year, charged to your bookstore account, and will cover the cost of the laptop, plus annual software license fees, extended factory warranty, and a comprehensive insurance policy from SafeWare that covers loss or damage not covered by the factory warranty.