Vermont Campus

Brunswick’s vast, new Vermont Campus provides an abundance of natural resources and essential “away space in which students must switch off and disconnect to grasp and explore the benefits of both aloneness and direct, personal interaction — applying their classroom learning in the field, and deepening as never before their relationships to themselves, the world, and each other.

The campus sits on more than 650 acres of wilderness, hiking trails, and open fields in Randolph, Vermont, offering lodging, meeting rooms, a dining hall, and, most important, space — land, woods, streams, and nature in its abundance.

Each advisor and student travels by Amtrak train to the campus during a boy’s sophomore year for a weeklong off-campus wilderness-education and applied-classroom-learning experience.

In short, it is a place absent of iPhones, Snapchat, and technology, where Brunswick boys must truly interact directly with one another and their advisors without distraction.

Two senior leaders accompany each group, helping to guide and mentor younger students through the program.

Time spent in Vermont enhances all aspects of a Brunswick education.

The program lends itself to collaboration, teamwork, inquiry-based learning, and experiential education — and is for the benefit of the entire Brunswick community of students and faculty.

A typical day begins with a morning run and room inspection before breakfast at 7 a.m. Each student spends the majority of the morning at his local internship (farm, hospital, etc.).

Classwork commences after lunch, followed by up-keep projects on site and/or community service work. There is time for exercise before dinner. Lectures and discussions begin after dinner.

Vespers conclude the night’s activities by 10 p.m.