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Nothing is more important to us than building character. The entire Brunswick community is committed to instilling in our boys, by example and through experience, the qualities all true gentlemen possess — qualities that will make them respectful, courageous, honest, and honorable sons, friends, leaders, and citizens.

A Truly Special Community

Homecoming is a time when Bruins of all ages come together on the Pre and Lower School campus to share in great times and celebrate why Brunswick means so much to each and every member of our community. These moments make it crystal clear: As always, when ’Wick students, alumni, and families gather on campus, something really special happens.


Our admission process is designed to provide the best possible opportunity for an applicant and his family to understand Brunswick and its educational philosophy, and for the admission staff to understand each boy and his educational background and interests. Only when these goals have been met can both the family and the School be satisfied that the right match has been made for a student’s successful education.


The 2020-2021 academic year saw Brunswick boys go back to school for five days a week even in the face of a rising pandemic, the first in a century. It was an historic year, one filled with health protocols and social distancing, of masks and cancelled sports. But it was also a year that offered the kind of “therapy” that comes with getting back into the rhythm of the day, a year that revitalized community gardens and the connections of day-to-day life, and, most especially, a year that saw the entire ’Wick community “rowing in the same direction.”

Friendships for a Lifetime

As their years at Brunswick draw to a happy conclusion, seniors and their families gather each year in mid-May for Commencement -- a capstone celebration of both a wonderful experience and the countless opportunities and possibilities that now await. "I and everyone here absolutely love you guys!" Head of School Tom Philip told the Class of 2022. "We love the promise you each individually and collectively offer for the future. And here's the last and best part: You've each created a home here. We'll be proud of you and love you always."

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Nick Dow

A Reluctant Reader

Nick Dow came to Brunswick in Kindergarten, and refused to read. In first grade, it was the same. Reading just was not for him. That all changed in second grade, when a tutor offered one-on-one instruction and ended up hooking him for life; years later, the 2020 Brunswick graduate made his way to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue a passion for biology and biotech, in particular its “potential to improve lives and increase life spans.”

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Isaac Sacks

A Surprise Opportunity

Isaac Sacks wasn’t looking to make a change. Already committed to play lacrosse at Brown, Sacks was pretty settled at his previous school, his future secure.Plus, living in New York City, Brunswick would be more work. The morning drive from his home in Manhattan would be 45 minutes, growing to an hour or more in the evening. But his dad pushed for the change, arguing that a Brunswick experience for the two most impactful years of high school would be worth the hassle.

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Maron Salame

History Is His Story

Summing up Maron Salame, it’s safe to say that he is open to discovery — lots of it.
Whether it’s what’s revealed in the mud flats of his native Long Island Sound, what’s signified in the tomes featured in Brunswick’s in-depth offering of the classics, or what’s discovered far beyond Greenwich — in the hallowed, dry ruins of ancient Greece — Salame learned early that all kinds of treasure can be found through the simple act of looking closely at the world.

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Steve Lopez

A Grandmother, in Mexico, Lights The Way

A torn ACL proved to be a showstopper for Bruin Steve Lopez in his junior year, sidelining him from his beloved pitch. But it also gave him some nourishment in an entirely different, emerging interest. Lopez wants to be a doctor, and so for him, the prospect of surgery to mend what was broken in his knee was nothing short of exciting.

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Steve Lopez Photo

Nick Wolanske

Also a Brunswick Legacy: Range

Modesty prevails for another one of Brunswick’s newest alumni, Nick Wolanske. Asked to reflect on his Brunswick experience, Wolanske downplayed his achievements across the board. “My legacy at Brunswick — lack of sports prowess, no engraved trophy, not an intellectual Titan,” he said in a phone call from Colorado after graduating from Brunswick.

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Logan Darrin

Not Just Luck

Logan Darrin used his Senior Voice to speak to his classmates about luck. “I’ve always been fascinated by luck,” he said as he reflected back on the speech a few months after school ended. “Luck is the ultimate X factor. “What are the odds you end up at an awesome place like Brunswick?” he posited. “That’s why I wrote that speech.

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Logan Darrin Photo

Henry Foster

The Bogeyman Doesn’t Have a Chance

“Scare the boogey monster.” It’s the advice Henry Foster gave his classmates when it came his time to offer some words for his Senior Voice speech in Baker Theater. A ’Wick Bruin for eight years, Foster tipped his hat to his fifth grade teacher, Mr. Callahan, and offered advice about the bogeyman and a few other tidbits of guidance.

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Henry Foster Photo

Kyle Raker

Follow Your Heart

Up until senior year, Kyle Raker played soccer at one of the highest levels in the country, honing his talents with focus and drive in a local club team. But his heart wasn’t in it.“I haven’t been myself,” he said as he reflected on his senior year experiences. “It became second nature to make others happy. I was not fully invested.”

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Kyle Raker Photo

Eric Meindl

Tinkerer Nudges Brunswick into the Green

Eric Meindl has dabbled in science, ice climbing, even wilderness navigation.He’s also been a talented soccer player, tri captain of the varsity team, and a robotics enthusiast. But his biggest Brunswick legacy may well be his tinkering.

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Eric Meindl Photo

Jean-Bernard Zoungrana

From Burkina Faso to Harvard, in One Generation

Say yes. It’s a simple message, but a powerful one. For 2020 Brunswick graduate Jean-Bernard Zoungrana, it’s a message that may well underpin a life that has seen him move from an early childhood with immigrant parents in New Rochelle, N.Y., through Brunswick, right on up to the storied turf at Harvard Yard.

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