Students reading books at desk


Brunswick has four libraries that serve grades Pre K through 12.

The Pre and Lower School Library programs consist of many parts – early morning library, weekly library classes for every grade level, and special events including author/illustrator visits. Students learn how to search for books independently, explore the genres of literature, gain experience using the library computer program and learn to use their imagination to focus on the big questions of life. The library provides a quiet space in each boy’s busy life and offers our students the opportunity to explore any type of book that interests them. In the library, Lower School boys learn to select and critique books so that they can expand their world(s). Our library is a sanctuary of imaginary space where boys will begin the process of lifelong, independent learning.

The focus of the libraries is to support the curriculum, assist with research, and provide an extensive fiction and non-fiction collection for reading enjoyment. Our intention is to graduate students as competent users of information and give young men the tools to become critical thinkers as well as instilling in them a voracious appetite for reading.