Students conversing at table

Modern Language

The Modern Languages Department offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish — from Level I to Advanced Placement courses. The curriculum is written using the “backward design” approach, accentuating the ACTFL Guidelines and National Standards for the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Language instruction focuses on emphasizing Brunswick’s three C’s: Communication (with an emphasis on speaking), cultures (with an emphasis on the contemporary world), and curiosity (striving to make of our students lifelong learners).

Classes are conducted in the target language; use of English is kept to a minimum. The goal is to lead students to a level of proficiency enabling them to interact with linguistic and cultural accuracy with native speakers. Along with acquisition of vocabulary and the fundamentals of grammar, emphasis is placed on development of cultural awareness, tolerance, sensitivity, and appreciation for other civilizations. The Modern Languages Department understands the need in today’s world to educate Brunswick students as global citizens.

Audio-visual materials are used frequently in the classroom and at home to strengthen students’ language skills, to provide immersion experiences, and to present culturally authentic material. Technology is incorporated in the classroom as a means of enhancing acquisition of foreign languages and fostering collaborative work.