Students giving performance on stage


All the World’s a Stage

The Middle School theater arts program offers students a workshop-style space for developing their dramatic skills and collaborative ensemble-building techniques. Boys explore different aspects of theater by making it. The process-based classes hold multiple informal performances throughout the year as boys learn monologues, scenes, improvisation, and elements of technical theater. Boys also learn about the history of theater, from its unscripted origins to what we know of theater in the present. They also work on a puppet unit during which they write, edit, direct, rehearse, tech, and produce their own puppet show for Pre and Lower Schoolers. One formal performance in the spring offers an overview presentation of many of the year’s projects and activities

An extracurricular fall musical is produced jointly with Greenwich Academy each year. This offers students from any performing arts class an opportunity to take the stage at the Upper School’s Baker Theater in a full production. They also have the chance to work behind the scenes, running all of the technical aspects of the performance. In addition to the fall musical, students can participate in our spring play, produced jointly with Sacred Heart.

Theater is crucial for young men; it can help them develop their confidence and self-esteem. Theater requires our boys to step out of their comfort zone and perform in front of an audience, which can be daunting. By doing so, however, they learn to trust their abilities and become more confident. Theater provides boys with an outlet for their creativity. It allows them to express themselves in ways they might not be able to do in other areas of their life. Boys can explore different characters and emotions through theater and experiment with varying performance styles. Finally, theater teaches boys the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Boys learn to communicate effectively, listen to others’ ideas, and work toward a common goal.