Students on stage playing recorders

Art & Music

Creativity, Confidence, and Risk-Taking


The Lower School arts program is designed to develop foundational artistic skills and to instill confidence and creativity in young students. As an introduction to the visual arts, boys learn to draw, paint, collage, and manipulate clay through sequentially developed lessons based upon the individual student’s abilities. Emphasis is placed on creative risk-taking and exposure to a diverse range of art and artists.

Numerous art projects are displayed throughout the hallways during the year, and all boys participate in an annual art exhibit.

Boys also have the opportunity to practice public speaking and acting skills through annual drama presentations.


The goal of the Lower School music program is to make music available to all children, to instill in them a sense of joy and openness toward music, to encourage them to share their ideas and talents, and to help each child recognize the important role that music plays in his culture and in his own life.

Children experience music through several activities, including singing, playing instruments, listening, movement, and creating and improvising. They are exposed to music from a variety of genres, and from different parts of the world. Every child has the opportunity to participate in public performances held in the course of the school year.