Art & Music

Creativity, Confidence, and Risk-Taking

The Lower School art program is designed to develop artistic skills and to instill confidence and creativity within young students. As an introduction to the visual arts, boys learn to draw and to paint through sequentially-developed skills based on their individual abilities. Emphasis is placed on creative risk-taking.

Numerous art projects are displayed throughout the hallways during the year, and all of the boys participate in an art appreciation program and an annual art exhibit.

The Lower School music program is based on Orff-Schulwerk, a music teaching methodology that emphasizes a “whole music” approach. Students have a variety of opportunities to experience music through singing, playing instruments, listening, poetry, movement, discussion, reading, writing, and art.

The goals of the Lower School music program are to make music available to all students; to instill in them a sense of joy and openness toward music; to encourage sharing of ideas and talents; and to help each student recognize the important role that music plays in his culture and in his own life.