Preparation for a Lifetime of Learning, Growth

The Middle School academic program prepares students for a lifetime of learning and growth in a challenging academic environment. The program’s main objective is to encourage students to develop the skills and work habits to succeed at the Upper School level.

The curriculum, which consists of core academic subjects, is enriched by use of technology and visual aids in the classroom. Our teachers stress the importance of diligent note-taking, efficient organization, and consistent study habits as they work toward developing boys into more sophisticated students.

Sufficient academic support and appropriate academic challenge ensure that every boy realizes his full potential. At each grade level, the emphasis is on critical thinking, problem solving, and learning the skills necessary to acquire, organize, and use information to gain knowledge and understanding.

Above all else, the Middle School promotes the values of honesty and integrity in the classroom and beyond. Our boys learn to approach their academic work with the school’s motto — “Courage, Honor, Truth” — always in mind.