Honesty, Care, Trust, and Mutual Respect

The Middle School’s small classes are ideal settings for learning, and each boy has the opportunity to participate, get involved, and benefit from daily individual attention. Fifth-grade boys continue to do most of their learning in homeroom, changing classes for math, science, language, and various special subjects.

The curriculum is classical and traditional, while cultivating the further development of critical thinking, problem solving, and academic risk-taking skills.


As boys progress through Middle School, the amount of homework increases, with more emphasis on specific grades and trimester exams. Field trips and class trips supplement classroom work, and a growing involvement in community service expands each boy’s civic awareness.

During the Middle School years, our boys become more self-assured, self aware, and eager to share their gifts with others. They discover and make the most of their strengths and abilities as they prepare to meet the significant challenges of Upper School.