Teacher and student demonstration


An Evolving Love and Curiosity

Middle School science begins with a formal introduction to the scientific method and the processes used to perform a scientific investigation.  Weekly labs and activities teach and strengthen essential science skills, which include experiment design, forming and testing a hypothesis, graphing and analyzing data, drawing a conclusion, and classification.

Science in 6th grade is grounded on experiential learning. Students conduct investigations with varying lab partners, engineer models, give oral presentations, generate data tables and graphs, and develop study strategies for rigorous academic work.

In 7th grade, students explore life sciences and investigate their living environment. The year begins with the discovery of cells and an in-depth understanding of how they function. Students build models, design experiments, and work collaboratively in the science lab to assist in their understanding of the biosphere.

The 8th grade curriculum prepares students for their transition to the Upper School. The program teaches the basic principles of physics and chemistry, with an emphasis upon collaborative experimentation, independent experimental design, and critical thinking.

The goal of the Middle School science department is to instill in all students a love and curiosity for science that will evolve throughout their academic careers.