Student Chorus Singers


The Middle School choral program concentrates on creating a strong foundation of ensemble singing and music literacy. Each singer is encouraged to develop healthy vocal technique before, through, and after his voice change by singing appropriate exercises and choral literature. Classes are active rehearsals and include regular music reading and sight singing practice in order to nurture and strengthen musical independence.

Chorus is part of the weekly curriculum for the 5th grade. Boys are taught healthy voice use and are guided to find their most effective singing voice. When practicing the elements of good ensemble singing, they are also learning repertoire in various styles and languages, from different cultures and time periods. In addition to performing in the holiday concert, the grade showcases their musical talents in a joint band-choral concert produced in the spring.

The 6th grade chorus is comprised of students who have selected chorus as their year-long artistic choice. This ensemble further develops their musical understanding through rounds, partner songs, and two-part harmony. Here, they also learn about vocal production and gain insight into how their voice functions. This knowledge allows the boys to better navigate their singing voices in order to reach their fullest musical potential.

The 7th and 8th grade chorus members have progressed to an increased awareness of their individual musicianship. By this time, each singer has developed a better recognition of rhythmic and melodic phrases; he can easily follow the “road map” of a song, and he knows how to implement the various techniques of singing in order to sustain his sound through long musical phrases.

“Boys of Brunswick” is an extracurricular choral opportunity across 5th through 8th grade. They meet once a week before school. It is open to all boys in the Middle School, regardless of their performing arts class choice. Singing in a mixed-age group allows the boys to learn from each other’s best practices. Since this group typically includes boys who demonstrate interest and great ability in singing, they learn music rather quickly and are able to experience a higher level of musicianship within an ensemble.