Students Computer Science

Computer Science

An Educational Tool

Brunswick School’s Computer Science curriculum reflects our philosophy of providing students with active, hands-on learning experiences that teach them logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving — valuable skills that scale well beyond the classroom.

We are committed to providing students 21st-century skills necessary for innovation, besides making the curriculum more relevant by tapping into their interest in technology, helping them become real innovators. We offer an inquiry-based curriculum, ranging from simple drag-and-drop programming languages in lower grades, progressing all the way to high-level programming languages like Processing, Java, Python, and Swift in the Upper School. Taking a semester of Computer Science is now a graduation requirement, and many students go on to tackle Advanced Placement (A.P) courses, followed by research-led classes in Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and High Performance Computing — giving students both a broad familiarization with important software tools as well as a foundation for further study in Computer Science as they create interdisciplinary projects.

At a broad level, our learning goals are:

  • Recognizing the relevance of computational thinking and fostering its development.
  • Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of fundamental facts, concepts, principles, and theories relating to Computer Science and their applications.
  • Understanding multiple programming paradigms and learning to program in more than one.
  • Recognizing social, legal, ethical as well as cultural issues around the use of technology.