middle school mathematics


Foundational Skills and Increased Competency

The primary objective of the Middle School mathematics program is to provide students with a solid foundation for the study of mathematics in the Upper School and beyond. Through the program, students increase their interests, develop their competencies, and emerge as problem-solvers. Classroom activities and investigations allow students to conjecture and verify; find and impose structure; and engage in exercises of abstract reasoning.

Students learn to transition from intuitive thinking to concrete operations, and to represent mathematical structures symbolically. From there, students develop an understanding of basic geometrical ideas; learn how to solve one and two step equations; and master the addition, subtraction, and division of real numbers in the form of both fractions and decimals.

The program concludes with an emphasis on algebra. The focus is not exclusively on algebraic skill development, however, as regular opportunities are provided for students to explore a full range of content, especially topics in geometry and data analysis.