Brunswick Math: A Reason, Not a Rule

The Middle School math program builds on the love of learning, number sense, and problem-solving skills fostered in the Lower School. This number sense is continuously developed, with daily work and practice in the fifth and sixth grades and regular mental arithmetic quizzes throughout the division. The ideas of algebra are introduced in the fifth and sixth grades, and a full Algebra I curriculum is offered in the seventh and eighth grades. Additionally, the fundamental ideas of geometry and statistical summary of data are woven into the curriculum.

Throughout the Middle School, provision is made for students needing extra coverage of basic ideas and for those requiring further challenge. In addition to an honors track provided in the sixth–eighth grades, students needing to be stretched further take math a year ahead of their contemporaries, culminating in a geometry course in their last year in the division. For exceptionally gifted students, classes are provided beyond geometry, offering a highly challenging math-contest level of learning.

At all levels, our students’ enjoyment of math is encouraged, and they eagerly communicate their ideas in class. Learning through a carefully designed curriculum they develop confidence, along with a secure understanding of mathematical ideas. Most importantly, they see that there’s a reason behind every rule. When the reasons are understood, learning math can be easy.

Brunswick offers the AMC 8 contest each year, with many students taking part, and our Middle School Math Team won the Connecticut State Mathcounts contest in 2019.