History & Social Studies

Introduction to an Ever-Expanding World

Our Lower School history/social studies program seeks to broaden each boy’s awareness and knowledge of the world in which he lives. In a developmentally appropriate fashion, as students’ understanding of themselves and others grows, they are introduced to an ever-expanding world. Starting locally and reaching beyond the community’s borders, Lower Schoolers learn to identify and examine problems, formulate opinions, and make decisions.

In pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade, students learn about their surrounding community and the contributions of their relatives and ancestors. They research important people in history and are introduced to cultural traditions and holidays around the world.

In 3rd and 4th grade, students are introduced to current events, geography, and early American history, culminating with the popular 4th grade “Colonial Day” — a time-honored Brunswick tradition and rite of passage.

Our social studies program is enhanced by related field trips, assemblies, and an experiential learning program focused on diversity and multicultural studies. This program usually takes the form of a hands-on, multi-day workshop. In addition to these activities, students benefit from Brunswick’s strong commitment to service learning throughout their Pre and Lower School years.