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Middle School

We believe that the foundation of every relationship within our community must be strongly based on honesty, care, trust, and mutual respect.

Our Middle School program is both flexible and structured, encouraging adolescent boys to value and develop honest, caring, trusting, and respectful relationships as they navigate the transition from childhood to early adulthood.

Faculty and staff members supporting our Middle School program are highly skilled and in tune with the emotional, social, and intellectual needs of emerging adolescent boys. They create a caring community environment that provides the security boys need to build confidence and become more and more independent as they mature.

The benefits of single-sex education are particularly evident in Middle School: Our boys can focus all their abilities and attention on their studies and on becoming increasingly respectful, confident young men.

A Single Day, Countless Special Moments


Middle School Focuses on Digital Citizenship

The latest innovation of The Brunswick Trust offers the vocabulary of Courage, Honor, Truth to boys in their digital lives – and buoys the entire Middle School as it devoted three full months to talk “digital citizenship” with the first-ever generation of “digital natives.” In October 2018, Middle School students and faculty began a focused exploration of digital citizenship in their advisory groups, seeking to connect their digital identities to the expectations, standards, and language of the Trust. Discussions began with the broad-based question — “What is citizenship?” — and progressed further to define citizenship in the digital realm.

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Community Service

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Student Life

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