Students performing concert


We believe that every boy, not simply the gifted or the fortunate, should find opportunity in all quarters of school life, ensuring the fullest development of the “whole boy.”

Brunswick’s visual and performing arts are essential components of the school’s curriculum. It is extremely important to involve boys with different art forms, not only to develop their talents, but also to encourage appreciation of the aesthetic dimension of the world. Often, our boys display a penchant for music, theater, or the visual arts; and others simply enjoy the experience and learn something about themselves by taking a creative risk and experimenting in new media.

In the new and greatly expanded Middle School, boys are introduced to the art of woodworking, where they learn to use the complete inventory of hand and power tools. Experiences in the visual arts further develop skills and creativity through use of new media. Instrumental and choral music continue to be an important part of the Middle School arts curriculum, and the theatrical program provides several diverse performance opportunities.