Computer Science

Technology Enhances Learning, Self-Expression

Students in the Lower School are introduced to a variety of computer sciences skills. They learn to word process, to use the Internet, and to use Brunswick’s email system. They are also introduced to keyboarding, increasingly emphasized as classroom work requires typed information. Students finish their tenure in the Lower School with a PowerPoint presentation about themselves and their interests.

In addition, students use programs that reinforce their classroom studies of language arts, social studies, and math. As the boys progress through the curriculum, they complete projects using computer graphics; they work with digital photographs; and they are introduced to LOGO programming.

The Lower School’s mobile laptop cart brings computing into 3rd and 4th grade classrooms. Students write papers, search the Internet for information, and learn to research wirelessly from their desks.

Computer Science classes strive to teach students that technology is an important tool for learning and communication throughout the Brunswick educational experience.