Brunswick Financial Aid Policies & Guidelines

Brunswick School values diversity in all forms and seeks to make the School a place of learning for the best and brightest.  To that end, we are committed to making Brunswick accessible to all families regardless of financial circumstance.  Currently, 20 percent of our students receive financial aid, with an average grant of $42,420.

Aid is distributed as need-based aid. The School does not provide athletic, academic, or any other merit-based scholarships. Financial aid packages are exclusively grants.  The School does not expect families to pay back any portions of their financial aid grants. 

In addition to tuition assistance, some families are also eligible for aid that supports expenses not covered by tuition, but are considered to be an important part of the Brunswick School experience.

Brunswick offers families several tuition payment options to support families.

To learn more about affording Brunswick School, please reach out to the Director of Financial Aid, David Bruce at or 203-242-1203.  You can also contact any member of the Admission Team to review any initial questions.

How tuition is billed

The Deposit

Upon accepting enrollment at Brunswick School you will be asked to sign an enrollment agreement and make a deposit calculated at 15% of the annual tuition, net of any financial aid award. This secures your son’s enrollment on campus.

Payment Plans

To assist with spreading the remainder of your son’s tuition amount over the year, we offer the following two payment plans:

  • 4 month plan: equal payments due May, July, September, November
  • 10 month plan: equal payments due each month, May – February

Regularly scheduled tuition due dates

When not opting for a payment plan, payment is paid in two installments:

  • June 1: 50% of the annual tuition, net of any financial aid award
  • January 1: 35% of the annual tuition, net of any financial aid award


Your Tuition Solution,, offers long term loans, which may be a suitable option to help make your son’s education costs more affordable.