Vermont Campus

Away. Apart. Alone. Disconnected. And yet completely together.  

In the building and strengthening of young people of character, the nation’s top neuroscientist, psychologists, and expert educators have all come to agree — such experiences are absolutely essential. 

At Brunswick, it’s the Vermont Campus that provides the platform for this fundamental work. With 650 acres of wilderness, woods, streams, and nature in its abundance, the campus provides essential away space in which students must switch off and disconnect to grasp and explore the benefits of both aloneness and direct, personal interaction — and deepen as never before their relationships to themselves, the world, and each other.


A Typical Day in Vermont

Each day begins with breakfast prepared by students, followed by study hall. Students spend the majority of the morning at an activity, such as community service at a local farm or cross-country skiing.

Leadership and character lessons commence after lunch, followed by projects on site and/or more community service work. There is time for exercise before dinner and allocated free time and discussions begin after dinner.

Circle discussions conclude each night’s activities before lights out at 10:30 p.m.

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