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The Upper School Admission Process

Step 1. Online Inquiry

If you are a parent of a prospective student, please submit an Online Inquiry Form and someone from the Admission Office will contact you to set up an appointment to visit Brunswick.

Step 2. Admission Reception

An admission reception is held on the King Street Campus on Sunday, November 4, consisting of student presentations, student guided tours, and opportunities to meet teachers, administrators, and other members of the Brunswick community. Attending the reception is for informational purposes only and not a requirement for admission. Registration for this event is available online.

Step 3. Parent Visit

Upon your completion of the online inquiry form, we will call to schedule a parent/son visit. At this meeting, the admission staff will discuss the curriculum and the school’s philosophy, give a tour of the facilities, and answer any questions.

Step 4. Candidate Visit

Candidates for entry years are required to spend a portion of a day at Brunswick. It is an important time for candidates to gain a true feeling for the life and spirit of the school, and for the school to gain an understanding of the candidate. Visits, which must be completed by February 1, include a campus tour with a current Upper School student and an interview with the Director of Upper School Admission.

The Application Process

Application forms are available online and must be completed no later than December 15. Any application received later will be processed based on availability. It is important that all questions in the application be answered as completely as possible.

Application Checklist and Dates

For an application to be considered complete, all items must be submitted by January 15. Application progress can be tracked in an applicant’s MyBackpack account.

  1. Online Application (by December 15)
  2. Testing (by January 15)
  3. Current Grades, Official Transcript, and Recommendations (by January 15)
  4. Financial Aid Paperwork (by January 15)
  5. Parent/Candidate Visit (by February 1)


Standardized testing is required for candidates applying for grades nine through twelve. Test results should arrive in the Admission Office as close to January 15 as possible. Students applying to Upper School may take either the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) or the Secondary Schools Admission Test (SSAT). The ISEE is administered at Brunswick and a number of other area schools. Candidates should register for test dates in the Fall as sites fill up quickly.

Transcripts and Confidential Recommendations

Forms and postage-paid reply envelopes for the release of transcripts and for teacher recommendations are enclosed in this booklet. Parents are responsible for giving these forms to their son’s school office and to his teachers in late November or early December. Brunswick understands that many public schools do not allow teachers to complete student recommendation forms. In these cases, another individual who has instructed or coached the candidate should complete the extracurricular recommendation form. For an application to be considered complete, all recommendations and transcripts must be returned by January 15.

Financial Aid

Brunswick is a member of School and Student Services (SSS), which assists schools in making financial aid decisions. Awards are given on a need basis only, not for merit or scholastic accomplishments. Families should indicate their need for financial aid on the application form. Financial aid information will be mailed after December 15, and all questions should be directed to David Bruce, Director of Financial Aid, at 203.242.1203.

Letters of Notification

Letter of notification will be mailed on February 22.


To schedule an appointment or for answers to questions at any time during the admissions process, please contact:

Rob Follansbee, Director of Upper School Admission
Rachel Ocken, Upper School Admission Assistant